How to handle it While You’re Waiting on God

How to handle it While You’re Waiting on God

My five-year-old granddaughter asked me personally the length of time it might be before her family members moved in their brand brand new house. Since six weeks is hard for the five-year-old to understand, we took her up to a wall surface calendar and showed her just how long until going time. Now, every day, as she marks off calendar squares 1 by 1, she can see just how long prior to the waiting has ended.

I don’t understand anyone who loves to wait. Can you? (i did son’t think so). Waiting is effort and, often times, may even test our faith. It is specially difficult whenever there are no guarantees that our waiting will ever result in this life time. Desires we really miss, prayers we’ve been praying, and news we’re waiting to listen to can tempt us become impatient, discouraged, to worry, as well as to wonder if God cares.

10 activities to do While You’re Waiting on Jesus

Possibly this will be why the talks that are bible much about waiting. Jesus desires us to understand that waiting is not even close to a passive task in which we do nothing. In fact, Scripture shows us that Jesus desires us to earnestly take part in the ongoing work he really wants to accomplish. Waiting strategically can develop good fresh fruit in in our everyday lives such as for example persistence, perseverance, and stamina. Moreover it draws us nearer to our Savior and points those people who are viewing us to your gospel.

To this final end, listed here are 10 things you can do when you wait.

1. Genuinely believe that the Jesus who saved you hears your cries (Micah 7:7).

Have you ever felt such as your prayers are bouncing off the ceiling? Possibly, you have prayed for years about a concern, but God has seemed silent like me. That’s where Jesus demonstrated their love and mercy towards us as soon as we remained their enemies.

He whom would not spare his very own Son, but offered him up for us all, just how will he perhaps not additionally with him graciously provide us with things? (Romans 8:32)

Quite simply, the cross is our guarantee that Jesus is for all of us and it is devoted to provide us with every thing we might require whenever we knew every thing he knew. We could be content with that and wait patiently for his responses.

2. View with expectancy, but be ready for unexpected answers (Psalm 5:3).

While God happens to be faithful to resolve lots of my prayers, it is usually experienced far ways that are different i might have expected! Jesus understands that the only method to do what he and I also both desire will, in some instances, include varying quantities of discomfort within my life.

Growing in humility means pride needs to be achieved away with. Learning how to love like Jesus requires us to say no to self’s demand that is constant selfish aspiration, wanting our personal means, and putting ourselves first. Growing in persistence inevitably involves some type of waiting, whether in an extended line at the grocery tale or a very long time for someone you care about to come quickly to Christ. Once we lay our needs before him, it really is by faith we wait and watch in anticipation of God’s good work with us yet others.

3. Place your hope in their Word (Psalm 130:5-6).

We are able to be lured to put our hope in items that may disappoint us in the long run. We are able to hope a physician will heal us, instructor will pass us, a partner will cherish us, our boss will reward us, or a pal may help us. However it is only when we put our hope in Christ that individuals can wait with certainty and understand we’ll never be put to pity.

Tweet “There is just one spot to head to for reassurance during crisis, and that’s into the cross. ”

It appears that God permits us to experience disappointments in life to show us that nothing else will undoubtedly satisfy or offer us by having a firm foundation to stay upon. God’s Word alone is unshakable. We are able to wait for Lord comprehending that, regardless of how dark the evening is, their light will break through inside our lives, bringing abundant joy through a more intimate relationship with Christ.

4. Rely upon the father, maybe not in your understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Just why is it so tempting for all of us to be determined by our very own knowledge as opposed to the knowledge of our all-wise Jesus? What makes us think that individuals understand much better than he does what exactly is perfect for us? Scripture speaks clearly on how to exist abundantly forever with Christ; yet, all too effortlessly, we justify our sin, declare distasteful commands unimportant, and do what exactly is right within our very own eyes. Periods of waiting unveil where our company is putting our trust.

5. Resist fretting, avoid anger, be still, and patience that is choosePsalm 37:7-8).

It’s simple to state we trust Jesus, but our reaction to delays, frustrations, and hard situations reveals where our company is really putting our hope.

We not only honor God but encourage others to put their hope in him as well when we choose to wait quietly and trustingly.

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